icOPEN 2023 (Singapore) - International Conference on Optical and Photonic Engineering (icOPEN) 2023
27 November - 01 December 2023
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Special Sessions

(By Invitation Only; Requires Session Organizer’s Pre-acceptance)

SS1: 2D, 3D and Volumetric Digital Image Correlation and Their Applications
Session Chair:
Zhenyu JIANG, South China University of Technology

SS2: 3D Shape Measurement Based On Fringe Projection
Session Chair:
Dongliang ZHENG, Nanjing University of Science and Technology

SS3: Advances in Digital Holography Techniques
Session Chair:
Jianglei DI, Guandong University of Technology

SS4: Advances in Moiré Method and Its Applications
Session Chairs:
Hongye ZHANG, Beijing Forestry University
Xianfu HUANG, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

SS5: Communication and Education for Optics (CEO) (Cancelled)
Session Chair:
Shuming JIAO, Peng Cheng Laboratory, Shenzhen

SS6: Diffractive Optics Design and Applications (Cancelled)
Session Chair:
Fan HUA, Qilu University of Technology

SS7: High-accuracy Optical Deformation Measurement of Large Engineering Structures
Session Chairs:
Xinxing SHAO, Southeast University Qinwei MA, Beijing Institute of Technology
Banglei GUAN, National University of Defense Technology
Qinwei MA, Beijing Institute of Technology

SS8:High-precision Optical Measurement
Session Chairs:
Jing XU, Tsinghua University
Xiangchao, ZHANG, Fudan University
Wenlong LU, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

SS9: Imaging Through Scattering Media and Non-line-of-sight Imaging
Session Chair:
Jing HAN, Nanjing University of Sciences and Technology

SS10: Industrial Optical Inspection and Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
Session Chairs:
Andrew Alexander MALCOLM, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Center Joseph LIFTON, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Center

SS11: Low-dimensional Materials and Optoelectronic Devices (Cancelled)
Session Chairs:
Xingzhan WEI, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tianshi QIN, Nanjing Technology University

SS12: Micro/Nano-Mechanical Measurement and Characterization of Optical/Spectral Methods
Session Chairs:
Mengxiong LIU, Peking University
Haimei XIE, Tianjin University
Xide LI, Tsinghua University

SS13: Optical Dynamic Measurement
Session Chair:
Yu FU, Shenzhen University

SS14: Optical Measurement and Instrumentation
Session Chair:
Yingjie YU, Shanghai University

SS15: Quantitative Phase Imaging
Session Chair:
Chao ZUO, Nanjing University of Science and Technology

SS16: Single-pixel Imaging and Optical Encoding
Session Chairs:
Wen CHEN, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Zibang ZHANG, Jinan University

SS17: Infrared Thermography and Structural Health Monitoring and Evaluation
Session Chairs:
Jianguo ZHU, Jiangsu University
Dan WU, Ningbo University

SS18: X-ray Optics and Metrology
Session Chair:
Lei HUANG, Brookhaven National Laboratory

SS19: Optical Engineering in Industry
Session Chairs:
Anand ASUNDI, d'Optron Pte Ltd
Xiang PENG, Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Anhua Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd


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