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Welcome Message from Organising Chair

Dear Conference Participants,


As Chairperson of the Organising Committee, I take great pride in welcoming all the delegates of the 7th Singapore Palliative Care Conference (SPCC). COVID-19 has greatly changed the way our community may convene. This year, we will be using a virtual platform to ensure fruitful academic exchanges, presentation of original scientific findings, up-to-date reviews of key topics, as well as sharing of meaningful clinical encounters. Despite on-going challenges, we have been deeply encouraged by an overwhelming number of registration, as well as the excellent quality of abstracts submitted.

The conference theme is "Embrace · Engage · Envision". Palliative Care has always found its calling in the deepest of human suffering and has always aspired to be there to bring comfort, peace and closure. To ride this pandemic of the old, frail and misinformed, it is vital that our fraternity embrace our core values of compassion, wisdom and resilience. Additionally, we have to proactively bridge traditional divides amongst specialities, services and interest groups, so that we may extend holistic care to the most vulnerable patients in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. We must also look beyond the current challenges and prepare ourselves for the rising needs of a rapidly aging population.

Building on shared knowledge and common aspirations, SPCC promises to provide our participants with an inspirational vision into the future of hospice and palliative care. On behalf of the Organising Committee, we welcome you to this exciting conference. We look forward to you joining us to make SPCC a most memorable event!

Dr Han Yee NEO
Organising Committee Chair

Welcome Message from Scientific Chair

Dear conference participants,

We are delighted to welcome you to the Singapore Palliative Care Conference 2021! The covid-19 pandemic has indeed changed our lives in so many ways – who would have thought that almost 2 years after the first case emerged that social interactions would still be severely limited. In palliative care, we have faced new challenges and increasing demands on our time, as we work in small segregated teams. And yet, we also have new opportunities to partner with others across fields of practice and settings of care, as we reach out to more patients and families to support them through their serious illness journey. All the more important for us to take some time out to learn, reflect and recharge!

Join us as we hear from our stellar line-up of international and local speakers. Get inspired by local research and exciting developments in our palliative care community. Recharge and rediscover your passion for palliative care as we reflect together on “embracing the person in palliative care”, “engaging partners for excellence in palliative care” and “envisioning the future of palliative care”. Look forward to meeting everyone virtually!

Dr Grace YANG
Scientific Committee Chair

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