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New concept management snakebites and problematica Indonesia

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Scaling Up Efforts in Tropical Disease and Vector Control through Evidence-Based Research
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Tri Maharani1
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Tri Maharani1

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Emergency Medicine / Daha Husada Hospital / Indonesia1
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Snakebites cases are neglected diseases in Indonesia. No data is avilable in WHO but this research provides data for 135.000 cases. Majority of cases were reported in Java especially in east Java, center of Java, Jogjakarta, west Java, Banten, and Jakarta. As for  Kalimantan, majority of patients came from west Kalimantan, center Kalimantan and sumatra,Sulawesi and NTT, NTB, Bali and Papua. However, no data was available in smaller islands. Mortality rate is 4% per year. In October until December 15, 2017, king cobra bites were the main contributor to the total mortality whereas there was 80% morbidity. Snakebites was a complicated and difficult problem. In order to reduce snakebites cases, the Department of Health Indonesia initiated many programs to collect data, provide trainings, skill and knowledge to specialists, GPs and nurses. Antivenoms are provided in all major hospitals, as well as the first aid equipment in mini hospitals. Furthermore, there is a medical communication system (EMS toksinology) to assist in emergency cases of snakebites when needed. From 2012 until 2018, snakebites data were analyzed using WHO form and every cases were consulted with RECS Indonesia. The Incidence rate, mortality rate, and disability rate was very high and these need intervention from medical team and the government. Networking, data collection, training, community education, continuous training of medical team, standard guidelines for first aid and treatment, as well as the standard management of snakebites in emergency departments are important to help medical team to manage snakebites cases.

Keywords: snakebites,data RECS,guideline who,reduction snakebites cases
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