MSPTM 2019 Annual Scientific Conference
13 - 14 March 2019
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur




Oral Presentation - Invited Speaker
Scaling Up Efforts in Tropical Disease and Vector Control through Evidence-Based Research
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Suresh K.1
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Suresh K.1

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Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine / University of Malaya / Malaysia1
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The landscapes have been changing. The lives of students are faced with numerous challenges and on top of the list lies the choice of whether a post-graduate qualification is really necessary at the present times. Identifying the criteria to form a basis for that choice is indeed difficult as it varies from one person to another. In confusing times we tend to seek opinions from others and this again aggravates the matter as diverse suggestions and recommendations dampen the clarity. Once a basic degree is obtained and to then to decide if one needs to proceed for a Masters and a Phd is not that simple. Even after agreeing to such a path, the next challenge will be to select a topic and a supervisor. Sometimes for a passionate subject that the student harbours in niche fields, the expertise or the grant may not be available. Choosing a subject must resonate with job availability in the future and that indeed is the present challenge. The criteria for passing especially these days  have become more stringent with some universities demanding that the student must translate his or her findings into  a paper published in good internationally reputed journals. There are fast tracks available but for which exceptional CGP points are needed. But these are technical formalities which varies from university to university. The key points are  really what are the attributes needed to make  the mark and how do you develop these unique special qualities  for a successful post-graduate life is what the core of the discussion will be. Sometimes instead of searching the answers everywhere, the best solutions are right under the treasure chest one ignorantly have been sitting on. The session will challenge you to explore this and discover the inspiration to facilitate this transition more effectively in order to maximize the best opportunities available for a good life ahead.    

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