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Larvicidal and residual activity of capsular temephos (temebate® c) on mosquitoes

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Main Author
Tee Bee Heoh
Presenting Author
Lee Han Lim
Wong PY1
Thu JY1
Aidil Azahary AR1
Tengku Najiehah TA1
Nazni WA2
Lee Han Lim

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Department / Institution / Country
R&D / Imaspro Resources Sdn Bhd / Malaysia1
Medical Entomology Unit / Institute for Medical Research / Malaysia2
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Abstract. Temephos sand granule formulation is an organophosphorus larvicide used effectively in dengue control programme to control container-breeding Aedes vector mosquitoes.  However, in inaccessible or hard to reach breeding sites, such as roof gutters, flat roof and balcony etc, the conventional sand granule formulation is difficult to be applied.  To overcome this, a capsular preparation of temephos, known as TEMEBATE® C was developed. The larvicide was encapsulated in a two-part capsule that is soluble in water. Tests on the bioefficacy of this temephos preparation were conducted in various indoor and outdoor receptacles. In indoor plastic containers, capsular temephos at 1 mg/L induced complete larval mortality in 3 field strains of Ae aegypti up to 28 weeks of test. Tests were also conducted in plastic containers comparing the larviciding effects of capsular temephos and Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) wettable granule formulation at 2-8 mg/L against Ae aegypti. The capsular temephos induced complete larval mortality up to 48 weeks, while complete mortality was only achieved for 2 weeks in all Bti treated containers. In outdoor plastic containers and flower pot trays, complete Ae aegypti larval mortality was achieved for 4 test weeks, while in similar settings against field strains of Ae aegypti, complete larvicidal activity was seen up to 28 weeks of test. In stimulated outdoor rain gutter trial, TEMEBATE® C at 1 capsule (1 g temephos) /3 m and 3 capsules/3 m induced complete 48 h post- exposure larval mortality in both Ae albopictus and Cx quinquefasciatus up to 6 weeks at  both dosages. The capsular temephos proved to be as effective as the conventional sand granule formulation in terms of bioefficacy and residual activity, but can be disseminated into inaccessible and/or difficult to reach mosquito breeding sites.
Keywords: Temephos, Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, TEMEBATE C, Capsule
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