MSPTM 2019 Annual Scientific Conference
13 - 14 March 2019
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur




Oral Presentation
Scaling Up Efforts in Tropical Disease and Vector Control through Evidence-Based Research
Insecticide Resistance


Main Author
Rosilawati Rasli1
Presenting Author
Rosilawati Rasli1
Lee Han Lim1
Nazni Wasi Ahmad1
Nabilah Rosney1

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Medical Entomology Unit / Institute for Medical Research / Malaysia1
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The mechanism of insecticide resistance is traditionally attributed to detoxification enzymes, target site alteration, decreased penetration of insecticides and behavioural resistance. Other form of mechanisms, such as the role of protein (s) in resistance is unknown. In the present study, the protein profiling of both IMR-PSS strain (permethrin-resistant) and IMR-LS strain (laboratory-susceptible) 24-h post exposure period to permethrin was carried out via 1D-gel electrophoresis and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The bands which appeared in the gel of 1D-electrophoresis revealed an abundance of proteins. The band pattern of both strains looked macroscopically alike and differed only in band intensity. However, LC-MS/MS analysis revealed that the PR strain produced extra 388 peptides that were not found in the IMR-LS strain, indicating that IMR-PSS strain reacted differently from IMR-LS strain as a result of persistent exposure to permethrin. Since the complex banding patterns of 1D-gel electrophoresis were difficult to interpret the significance of the protein difference between IMR-PSS and IMR-LS strain, hence LC-MS/MS analysis is ideally suited for better protein resolution and thus will allow more in-depth comparison of the complex pattern. The findings here provide the first preliminary evidence that insecticide resistance in mosquito induces up regulation of proteins that may be protective to mosquitoes against insecticide and proteins could be another mechanism that contributes to development of resistance.

Keywords: Protein, Insecticide resistance, Dengue vector
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