28 August - 01 September 2019

Theme(s) and Topics

Virology and Pathogenesis: Antivirals (Submission for this topic is closed)
Virology and Pathogenesis: Cellular & Molecular Virology
Virology and Pathogenesis: Emerging Influenza Viruses
Virology and Pathogenesis: Host-Pathogen Interactions
Virology and Pathogenesis: Immune Response to Infection
Virology and Pathogenesis: Influenza Evolution & Human Ecology
Virology and Pathogenesis: Influenza Glycobiology
Virology and Pathogenesis: NextGen/Universal Vaccines
Virology and Pathogenesis: Non-Human Influenza Viruses
Virology and Pathogenesis: Virus Pathogenesis & Transmission
Clinical Sciences: Avian & Zoonotic Influenza - Human Infections
Clinical Sciences: Clinical Trials - Treatment and Prevention
Clinical Sciences: Diagnostics and Disease Markers
Clinical Sciences: Special Populations
Clinical Sciences: Therapeutics – Antivirals
Clinical Sciences: Therapeutics – Immunomodulators, Supportive Care, Others
Clinical Sciences: Clinical Trials – Study Designs, Clinical Endpoints
Clinical Sciences: Clinical Trials – Vaccines
Clinical Sciences: Non-pharmaceutical Interventions – Clinical Aspects
Clinical Sciences: Development of Human Disease
Public Health: Disease Burden & Severity
Public Health: Epidemiology & Transmission
Public Health: Pandemic Preparedness
Public Health: Human Sero-Epidemiology Studies
Public Health: Surveillance & Forecasting
Public Health: Vaccine Effectiveness/Impact
Public Health: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions – Public health aspects
Public Health: Pharmaco-ecomonics, Cost-Effectiveness Studies
Co-Infection: Co-infection models
Co-Infection: Bacterial Co-infections with Influenza
Co-Infection: Viral Coinfections with Influenza
Virology and Pathogenesis: Viral Replication

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