Corporate Partners

Take this opportunity for your company to be a part of ISAPP’s first annual meeting to be held in Asia!
Joining ISAPP as a Corporate Partner activates an invitation to two people from your company to participate in a by-invitation "Discussion Forum", to be held on June 7, after the main meeting.

Corporate Partners comprise ISAPP’s Industry Advisory Committee (IAC). See here for information about the IAC and a list of current IAC members.
To inquire about IAC membership, contact Dr Mary Ellen Sanders

Sponsorship Opportunities

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  • Receive 2 complimentary registrations to ISAPP's annual meeting in Singapore
  • Participate in a "Discussion Forum" - a by-invitation-only meeting June 7
  • Join an elite group of science-based probiotic and prebiotic companies
  • Be acknowledged as an IAC member, supporting the premier organization promoting the science of probiotics and prebiotics
  • Be a member of ISAPP’s Industry Advisory Committee
    • Suggest ISAPP action items
    • Provide input into annual meeting topics
  • See here for more details about membership

Corporate Partners